A quarter century of knowledge and skills

BDMO has been an established player for over 25 years in box manufacturing and more specifically, cardboard packaging. The history that lies behind the four letters BDMO is also clear proof that BDMO responds flexibly to opportunities and economic developments.

The roots of BDMO lie in the box manufacturer ‘Cartonnage Desouter’ from the Belgian city of Kortrijk, which at the time specialised in the manufacture of wrap-around boxes, such as the cardboard box used for pralines and shoes.

The company used to work closely with the printing company ‘Bruggeman’ from Meulebeke that was a traditional paper and card printing company with many clients in the textile industry. This led to a merger and also a new name: Bruggeman & Desouter. BDMO is still popularly known in many places as Bruggeman & Desouter or just Bruggeman Desouter.

The combined box manufacturing and printing business proved to be a real winner for the company and its customers. Thanks to the shared knowledge and experience and an emphasis on quality and service, the company’s turnover increased and it undertook work in more distant areas.

The arrival of the DVD box due to the growth in the entertainment market led Bruggeman & Desouter to take over the French company Montreuil Offset. After this expansion, the company changed its name to BDMO.

To stay one step ahead of developments in the market, we decided to dispose our French operation in 2011 and concentrate fully on our core activity, namely the design and manufacture of luxury packaging in the form of a cardboard box.