BDMO wholeheartedly welcomes sustainable business practices. After all, packaging boxes made from cardboard and box manufacturing in general can only continue to exist if we carefully deal with our raw materials, our forest resources and the environment as a whole.

We also think it is our duty to support this noble endeavour throughout our entire production process. That is why packaging boxes and box making by BDMO can also carry the FSC or PEFC label.

FSC and PEFC are two labels that are a world-wide guarantee for sustainable forest management.

In order to carry the FSC label or the PEFC label, packaging needs to meet strict processing requirements and procedures, guaranteeing sustainable and responsible forest management.

Your contribution to nature

Packaging boxes from BDMO that carry the FSC label or the PEFC label are boxes made from paper and cardboard that have been produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. By using the certified boxes from BDMO, you also play your part.

An additional advantage for customers who process our boxes further in their chain is that they can also use the FSC or PEFC label. This guarantees that the raw materials can be traced throughout the entire chain.


Do you have any further questions about FSC or PEFC? Ask us here .

Download the FSC certificate or PEFC certificate here.