In-house R&D

Packaging is an important form of contact with end users. This is something that BDMO is extremely aware of and we are the market leader in the Benelux region for luxury cardboard boxes. This is no coincidence. BDMO has its own innovation team and an R&D department that are responsible for new developments.


Innovation and automation

A fun and creative idea becomes a design. It is always a challenge to make the maximum use of machinery and manufacture gift packaging or custom boxes in the best possible manner. It sometimes takes a lot of time, creativity and technical ingenuity to automate something that you can make by hand.  BDMO uses the latest equipment and has 7 different production lines for rigid boxes.


Practical boxes with a bonus

When we design gift packaging or any type of cardboard box (packaging for food, cosmetics, candles, multimedia, etc.) we also pay close attention to end users. How can we make our small boxes perform even better? How can we fold them more quickly and finish them to create an end result that is even more impressive? More importantly, how easy will it be for the end consumer to open these small boxes and have fun when they receive one of them?


At BDMO we make custom boxes with a little extra something. Our boxes are practical boxes, with a soul. Undoubtedly these are the kind of boxes that your end customer will want to hold onto.


On the photo slide: a selection of our latest developments (packaging for food, jewellery, candles, gift vouchers, etc.). Are you curious about what we could develop for your products? Ask us here.