Cardboard boxes in all shapes and sizes

BDMO designs the right cardboard packaging for any type of content or application in the shape and appearance of your choice. There are endless possibilities: a folding box, clamshell box, rigid box bottom lid or slipcase.

The wrap-around box:

In wrap-around boxes, the design is printed on paper that is stuck around the box. These also come in various different versions:

-          Rigid box bottom lid. This consists of a bottom and a lid. This lidded box gives your packaging a more luxurious appearance. A rigid box can be finished in many different ways.

-          Clamshell box. This consists of 1 piece that folds open on one side. The clamshell box is supplied closed and is used for applications such as cosmetics, wallets, multimedia or photographs. We can fully customise this for you.

-          Slipcase. This consists of three cardboard sides and an open side or top. The slipcase is mainly used for packaging books or DVDs and can also be finished in many different ways.

The folding box:

The box design is printed directly onto the cardboard in folding boxes or folding cartons. The folding box usually consists of 1 piece and it can be easily folded by the customer.

Depending on the application, the packaging can have a very different appearance. For instance, you can choose between auto-lock bottoms and straight-line folding bottoms. Folding boxes are typically used for tablets or cakes.

It is also possible to combine a wrap-around box with a folding box. Then you can choose a matching sleeve for instance.

Are you looking for a different type of packaging or box? Then look no further! BDMO will be pleased to develop new designs and take on any new challenges to meet your needs. Contact us with your enquiry.